Natural loofahs are actually made from a gourd in the cucumber family, which are used to exfoliate and cleanse skin while stimulating blood circulation. Be sure to always allow your natural loofahs to air dry completely to keep them clean and hygeinic. See Care Instructions for more details.

Meddium Natural Loofah

    • Let it dry. Take the loofah out of that moist environment so that it can completely dry out between uses. Options for promoting air flow might be to leave a window open, shower doors cracked open and consider keeping the wet loofah outside of the shower for even more airflow. If you want to be extra cautious, soap up the loofah and rinse it out on its own after washing yourself and before letting it hang to dry.
    • Replace it. If this or any sponge changes color or smells, it's time to replace it.
    • Microwave it. Proper cleaning is key. Regularly hang the loofah outside the hot, moist shower itself, on a daily basis and then occasionally microwave it for 20 seconds while damp, as is often recommend for synthetic sponges. (Avoid zapping your loofah with anything that has the potential to melt or catch fire and make sure it's fully damp throughout.)
    • Bleach it. You might also soak it in a solution of 5% bleach to avoid any bacteria growth. 
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